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Shanti Steel Industries is one of the pioneer manufacturers, stockiest and dealers in the field of Ferrous & Non-ferrous metal. We are leading suppliers to many Govt. and Semi-Govt. bodies, big industries undertaking, big limited companies and their ancillaries and also registered with them as a valued-reputed "Vendor" allover in India
For having continues business with your esteemed organization ,we always endeavour sincerely to maintain the highest standards of unbeatable quality with prompt and timely delivery . So we request you to ENROLL us as your approved suppliers and favour us with your valued enquiries from time to time . Sir,give your candid thought and we do expect your favourable response in your valued requirement of our items.

We are in this field since last several years and you can rely on our vast experience, holding good contacts and relations there too. We are also specialist in manufacturing and supplying all grade of Stainless Steel, Tubes, Pipes and Pipe Fittings, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Seamless/ERW Pipes and Pipe Fittings.


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Monel pipe
Monel pipe fittings
Monel flanges
Monel fasteners
Monel strips
Monel sheets
Monel wires
Monel round bar
Monel elbows
Monel tees
Monel reducers
Monel stubends
Monel flanges
Monel union
Monel caps
Monel nipples
Monel couplings
Monel elbow lets
Monel weldolets
Monel reducer
Monel pipe cap
Monel coupling
Monel pipe plug
Monel hollow hex plug
Monel port connectors
Monel caps plugs
Monel threadolets
Monel bushing
Monel tubes
Monel plates
Monel rods
Monel circles
Monel stub end
Monel forged socket weld fitting
Monel screwed fittings
Monel cross
Monel coupling
Monel half coupling
Monel bush
Monel plug
Monel swage nipple
Monel welding boss
Monel hexagon nipple
Monel weldolets
Monel elbow
Monel reducing union
Monel 90 deg. union elbow
Monel reducing 90 deg. union elbow
Monel extender leg 90 deg. union elbow
Monel 45 deg. union elbow
Monel union tee
Monel vent protector
Monel sockolets
Monel threadolets
Monel nipolets
Monel bared tee
Monel letrolets
Monel 90 deg elbow
Monel 45 deg elbow
Monel sw elbow
Monel bw elbow
Monel flanges
Monel slip on flanges
Monel weldneck flanges
Monel blind flanges
Monel lapjoint flanges
Monel spectacle flanges
Monel socketweld flanges
Monel threaded flanges
Monel ring joint flanges
Monel oriface flanges
Monel fasteners
Monel female connector
Monel male connector
Monel manifold tee
Monel locator union
Monel reducing tee
Monel tribow
Monel nuts
Monel socket screws
Monel washers
Monel bolts
Monel anchor fasteners
Monel wedge anchor
Monel eye bolt
Monel stud bolts
Monel stud
Monel threaded rod
Monel cotter pin
Monel fine fasteners
Monel spares
Monel foundation fasteners
Monel tube fittings
Monel nipple
Monel crosses
Monel adapter
Monel union ball joint
Monel reducing bushing
Monel atw weld ring
Monel tube socket weld to pipe butt-weld
Monel tube butt- weld to tube socket-weld
Monel chromatograph fittings
Monel nuts Monel ferrules
Monel extended run leg union tee

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Address : Shanti Steel Industries
Unit No-10,
13 th Khetwadi Lane,
Mumbai-400 004, INDIA
Tel : +91-22-6743 7238 / 91-22-67437237
Fax : +91-22-2382 4810
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Contact Person : Mr. Arvind Sanghvi
Mobile : +91-98191 82367
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